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How Private Lessons Can Help You Improve Your Skills

July 28, 2020

Musical skill is a talent that needs nurturing and polishing. While music is said to be the medium for expression, it also serves as a conduit for social connections. Playing music allows you to express yourself in a more connected way than simply listening to it.

The better you are able to portray your expression, the better your audience can connect to your message. Perfecting your skill allows you to deliver that expression on a deeper yet more ethereal level. This is where private lessons come in.

Music lessons usually come in the form of group lessons and private lessons. While the group lesson is where most people will start, it eventually leads to private lessons to hone in on developing key skills to develop performance level aptitude.

Group lessons help you to develop a sense of placement in an orchestral setting.  That is to say, it helps you to play as part of a larger whole.  It also gives you a better sense of the musical landscape.  Listening to a composition played by an entire group gives the three-dimensional landscape of the piece and not just a singular melody. It also helps you to learn about cues in the music.

Private lessons will most likely teach you skills in a more focused setting compared to group settings.  Here, the instructor’s focus will be only on you, making it easier to focus on techniques and correcting mistakes on the fly.  Also, if you have trouble concentrating in a group setting, private lessons may be a better option.

The Benefits of Private Lessons

The advantages of taking private lessons are endless but really worth considering when you are trying to improve your skills. When deciding to take private lessons, you will:

      • Have customized lesson plans
      • You will have instant feedback to correct mistakes faster
      • Achieve goals faster, due to a more focused setting
      • Learn at a pace more personalized to your current skill level
When Should You Start Private Lessons

You can start private lessons as soon as you like, even if you are entirely new to music.  If you are not a complete beginner, then private lessons will push you beyond your comfort zone to further your skills.

The earlier you start private lessons the better. Private lessons are key in helping you to:

      • Focus on a set of skill & technique
      • Prepare for an audition
      • Prepare a recital
      • Explore other musical genres not covered in group lessons

In short, private lessons will help you to grow as a musician.

What To Expect During A Private Lesson Session

Choosing the right private teacher is also extremely important. You may want someone that will be able to push you to improve and unleash the best skills within you.

The right teacher is exceptionally vital because you will be working one-on-one, and an individual connection is necessary in order to achieve better results.  The teacher will customize a lesson plan that accommodates your personality and learning mode to deliver an effective learning experience. This is essential to achieving your goals.

Private lessons are very often highly successful because your instructor will hold you accountable for your own individual targets.  In a group lesson, this might be compromised due to the group setting.

Skills That Private Lessons Will Help You To Improve On

Apart from a great learning experience, what can you expect to improve when taking private lessons?

      • Confidence in your abilities
      • Enhance improvisational skills
      • Ideal posture to play
      • Improve technique
      • Expand your genre horizons, and explore other styles
      • Master particularly challenging piece
      • Develop skills faster
How Much Do Private Lessons Cost

Private music lessons are more expensive than group lessons, but the quality that it gives you is far more superior. Basically, a 30-minute private lesson will cost practically the same as a 60-minute group lesson. And even though group lessons are longer, the attention that you get from your private music teacher is far more intense, which will impact your improvement.

Private lessons cost will vary depending on your music teacher. Each music teacher has varying experiences, successes, levels, and degrees of training. On average, 30-minute music lessons are the best way to start lessons. Rates can vary between $15-35 per lesson. Lessons typically go an hour for more advanced students.

The reason why the cost is higher for private lessons is the teacher’s experience is put directly towards an individual student, focusing on the student’s growth alone. If you are able to pay for the extra cost, then private lessons will surely deliver the best value for your money.


Final Thoughts

The difference between group lessons and private lessons is extremely clear. Private lessons are far more educational and beneficial.  Your pace of learning and your skill level is extremely important, but those factors are incredibly overlooked when in a group lesson.

While in a private lesson, your needs will also be considered, as well as your skills and pace. The lesson is customized to serve you and not the entire group as a whole, making the results more tangible and the learning experience more enjoyable.   It also helps you to develop faster and more successfully as a performing musician.

There is no doubt that private lessons are incredibly important in your development.  It’s a better way of learning and mastering many skills that would be overshadowed when in a group lesson. Even if you are currently enrolled in a group lesson, you can definitely arrange private lessons to complement and fulfill any specific skills that you need to improve.

There is no surprise that all the world’s greatest string musicians have taken or are still taking private lessons.

A private lesson is not only for when you first start learning.  Even the most extraordinary musicians who are already established in the music industry are still taking lessons to perfect their already highly qualified skills.

It is the extra support that will guide you towards the best parts of yourself as a musician. Because learning is also an art, and there is nothing more beautiful than to master your passion with the best of your capabilities.

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